The Salt Room La Jolla

How the Salt Room Works:

Salt Therapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the microclimate found in natural salt mines or salt caves. The Salt Room La Jolla is one of only a few in the U.S. that uses salt from The Dead Sea and patented state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of a salt cave with a monitored therapeutic microclimate. The air in our Salt Room is ionized and saturated with a natural substance – a low concentration of curative highly dispersed aerosol of dry saline (salt).

The microclimate in our Salt Rooms is formed naturally, through convective diffusion from the salt walls combined with controlled temperature and humidity. This creates a hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air environment.

In our salt room, the dry-salt enriched air contains tiny salt particles that are not noticeable and easily inhaled with natural breathing. By comfortably sitting and breathing normally for a prolonged period, low concentrations of salt are delivered to where it is most needed – deep in the lungs, where the salt then dissolves phlegm in the bronchial tubes and kills micro-organisms that cause infections. The phlegm, allergens, bacteria and any small impurities are later coughed up by the patient or leave the body through other natural metabolic ways. The treatment works to reduce the basis of inflammation by destroying bacteria and strengthening the immune system.

Salt is a negative ion and has a natural calming effect. Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive. Although Salt Room Therapy is new to the United States, in many countries in Eastern Europe the therapy is considered a conventional therapy. Our therapies can be used as a complementary treatment or as a sole treatment. Salt Room Therapy is suitable for adults and children from the age of 6 months and up.

How to prepare for your Salt Room experience:

Dress in comfortable, casual clothes.
You may wear a t-shirt and shorts if you are treating a skin condition.
Personal belongings may be kept in storage area outside salt room.No cell phones or electronics allowed in room.
Sit comfortably in our relaxing zero gravity chairs and enjoy soft lighting and spa- like music.
Salt Room treatments last for 45 minutes. (No late entry or early leaving unless an emergency.) No food or drink allowed in Salt Room We provide shoe covers or you may bring your own clean white socks. We request you refrain from wearing cologne or perfumes as some clients may be sensitive.
Sit, relax, breathe and enjoy!

What can I expect?

A typical salt therapy session lasts for 45 minutes. You will be asked to wear disposable foot covers that will be provided. The therapy involves sitting in the salt room in an adjustable and comfortable lounge chair. Children will be allowed to play in the sand box full of salt and toys. The lights will dim and you will hear relaxing music. The room temperature and humidity is maintained at a comfortable level. Most people like to close their eyes, and some will fall asleep or meditate.

A change in lighting and music will alert you that the treatment is over.Salt therapy may produce a slight skin irritation in some individuals that will disappear after a few sessions. Some people will experience a mild salt taste on their lips, similar to being by the ocean. Others may experience a mild throat tickle, which can be easily treated by sipping warm water after the session. Most people will experience increased mucous production.

This will present itself in the form of a runny nose or a productive cough after the session. This is the body’s natural mechanism for elimination of toxins, pollens, and viruses. If you have ever smoked in the past, you may experience a period of cough and mucous production as your body naturally clears the lungs of residual toxins. Most asthmatics will also experience an initial period of increased mucous production and cough as the body decreases inflammation, opens airways, and expels the stagnant mucous.

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